AI Girlfriend Chat vs Real Girlfriend: See How They Compare

Sika Moon AI Twins
Sika Moon AI Twins

One of the biggest modern debates is on the topic that, just a few years back, no one could have imagined we’d be having. We’re, of course, talking about the prospects of AI girlfriend chat ever replacing one’s need to have a real girlfriend. 

Even in the golden age of the red pill, manosphere, and the MGTOW movement, no one could have imagined that this conversation would become so relevant. Guess what, in 2024, it’s not even that hypothetical.

Now, before you start reading, we beg you to leave aside your initial biases, enter this discussion with an open mind, and approach it from a philosophical perspective. 

So, how do real girlfriends and AI girlfriends compare in 2024 from several different angles? Let’s find out!

Physical limitations

Physical contact with other human beings is incredibly important. 

Even a brief hug or holding hands can significantly lower one’s cortisol levels, which will help mitigate stress and even have a positive impact on your physiological health. 

It also releases oxytocin (also known as love hormone, the same one you get from eating chocolate). This automatically promotes the feeling of trust and emotional closeness. No matter how sophisticated an AI girlfriend chat gets, it’ll be really hard to develop the same level of connection.

Being in the presence of another person can also lower your blood pressure and boost your immune system. These are the effects of physical interaction with other humans, which are basic medical facts that no one is disputing. 

On top of this, you just feel the urge to touch another human being (both physically and emotionally), and this is something that an AI will never be able to satisfy fully. 

According to some, the availability of AI girlfriends could lead to people seeking real interactions with the opposite sex less and less, which could have dire consequences for the mental well-being of the general population. It’s from that perspective that the majority of people have to wonder, is romantic AI safe?


According to statistics, roughly 30-40% of unmarried relationships and roughly 20% of marriages experience at least one instance of sexual infidelity

While this number sounds alarming, it gets worse the more you analyze it. First of all, there’s no other way to get to a statistic like this without it being self-reported, and there are some people who will never admit to cheating, no matter how anonymous it gets. Maybe they’re paranoid, or maybe they have their own twisted idea of what cheating is. This type of mental gymnastics helps them get through the night.

Then, what happens when we discard the adjective sexual?

Would you be okay with your partner (male or female) just longing for another person? Would you mind a sexually charged embrace, a long lustful gaze, or an emotional moment they shared with someone else? What about a really intimate conversation? Some might argue that it’s even worse.

The thing is that this figure (20-40%) goes just one way: UP. This horrifying figure of one in five or one in three is the bare minimum, while the real figure is likely much higher. 

At the same time, an AI girlfriend will never be a cheater… unless you want her to be.

Needless to say, this can be one of the ways to explore so many fantasies without causing anyone distress. Is “cheating” on your girlfriend in an AI girlfriend chat wrong? Probably! However, it’s definitely a lot more innocent (and easier to excuse) than an actual infidelity. In fact, since there’s no other real person involved, one could even make an argument that it is more innocent than watching porn. 

In fact, this could finally serve as an outlet that will allow couples to venture outside of the relationship and still keep its integrity intact. 

A drama-free life

With the best AI girlfriend platform, you can be in full control over your relationship. In real life, it would be impossible to maintain this level of control without employing some of the worst manipulation techniques, and even then, your success wouldn’t be guaranteed. 

When we say more control, we don’t mean it in an abusive manner. We merely suggest that independent actors have minds of their own and that their mistakes have the potential to completely throw your life off the rails.

A fight can ruin your day; it can make you skip your training session, miss a deadline on an important assignment, or make a slip, which will cause a huge problem (both privately and professionally). Sure, it sounds cold and calculated, but relationships with real people often cause unnecessary drama.

With a virtual girlfriend, this is something that just cannot happen. You can argue when you want and if you want, and you can just have a drama-free relationship if you choose to. With a tool like TwinTone, you can actually make a personality that will be as argumentative as you please (as much as you can handle).

Sure, some might argue that this breaks the immersion, but this is a concern that only people who have never been in a really toxic relationship will have a problem with. 

Coming home from work after a whole day of stress and everything going wrong, only to have your girlfriend greet you passive-aggressively because you left your T-shirt on the chair, even though she asked you not to, is a realistic scenario. However, this is something you’ll never really miss. No one will! 

An extra option

The biggest fallacy in this real vs. AI debate lies in the fact that people assume this is binary. In their mind, the only reason people are single is because they’re using AI girlfriends and not out there mingling in the real world. 

The truth is that some people just have a harder time socializing with the opposite sex. Female hypergamy is not exactly a myth, at least not in an online world. The majority of women find the majority of men online (with a massive emphasis on the word online) unattractive. This means that the majority of women actually go for the top percentage of the most attractive men, with the majority of men receiving little to no attention.

It’s important to put a caveat here, seeing as how, in mixed environments (educational institutions, organizations, workplaces, etc.), these rules don’t necessarily apply. Those stories about tens, twos, and yachts in Dubai don’t really apply to the real world. When people spend enough time together and engage in organic conversations, things just happen.

Still, if you’re not working in a mixed-sex workspace and are trying to find love online, the odds are against you. 

Can someone who would otherwise ignore your text really (from a moral standpoint) argue against an AI girlfriend chat? If so, then their audacity knows no bounds. 

In other words, for most people who are considering this option, it’s really not about AI or real girlfriend. It’s about an AI girlfriend or no girlfriend. It’s much grimmer reality but it equalizes the playing field quite drastically. 

A good real-life relationship is always better (with an emphasis on good)

The truth is that nothing can measure up to a real relationship. It doesn’t matter how incredibly sophisticated the AI girlfriend chat gets; it will never be the real thing. Sure, some of these relationships can get quite toxic, but in these scenarios, the best explanation would be to say that when they’re good, real girlfriends are the best. When they’re bad, no AI interaction can be nearly as harmful. Some people, sadly, have no privilege to choose, and having one more option can’t be seen as a negative thing. 

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